Get Final Expense Leads in Real-time.

Keep your pipeline full by supplementing your cold calling and other marketing channels like Google with real-time lead campaigns by Pipeline Leads. All you have to do is add funds, then choose how many Final Expense Leads you want to receive!

Exclusive, Real-time FEX Leads

Some of the Benefits Include

✓High Conversion Rates

✓Real-time delivery

TCPA Compliance

✓100% Exclusivity 

✓Affordable Prices

What Our clients Say

“Less Tire Kickers”

The fact that these FEX leads are ready to speak with an agent has dramatically reduced the amount of time my agents have to prospect tire-kickers

instant leads testimonial 1

Jennifer L from Ohio.

“Huge ROI!”

For 6 months, we compared different types of leads and Pipeline Leads far surpassed the Facebook or Google lead ads that other agencies offered….

instant leads testimonial 2

Matthew M from Florida

“Best Inbound leads”

Pipeline Leads is different than other live inbound lead companies since they use real-time, warm leads instead of outbound calling data.

instant leads testimonial 3

Maria J. from Tennessee

How it Works

real time final expense leads

After a prospect finds one of our Final Expense insurance websites, they learn more about the benefits of having insurance and fill out a form. In real-time, the life insurance lead is then sent via SMS, email and posted into the Pipeline Leads portal. The prospect also receives an SMS & email with the agent’s information.

How Much Do Our FEX Leads Cost?

Real-time, Exclusive Leads

  • Final Expense Leads
  • Delivery Method: SMS, CRM & Email
  • Delivery Time: Same Day

Why Work with Pipeline Leads?

Over the years, we have focused on generating the best FEX inbound, real-time leads in the marketplace today. Our team of Account Managers and Customer Service Reps all have unique experience in the insurance industry. Our leadership team is still very active in the insurance community and has over 30 years of combined, in the trenches, sales experience. Click here to start your account.

pipeline leads team


What information do you get with each final expense lead?

You’ll get name, email, phone & home address with each lead. You’ll also receive a real-time text message and email when the lead comes in. Remember: The lead also gets a text and email in real-time telling them that you are about to call them!

example lead final expense

Can I segment by State, County or by Zip Code?

Yes! Inside our dashboard, when you create a final expense campaign, you’ll be able to segment by State, County or Zip Code.

final expense lead targeting

Where do these final expense leads come from?

We own many different websites online and are continuously driving a ton of website traffic to those sites via organic methods, paid strategy and through social media. When the leads arrive on the website, they learn about the benefits and then fill out a form to request more information.

multi channel marketing for FEX leads

What type of Final Expense leads should I invest in?

We recommend diversifying your portfolio of FEX leads in order to get a complete understanding of which leads are better, where you feel more comfortable and what performs the best in the geographic are you’re targeting. The top 4 types are: Direct Mail, Live Transfer Calls or Data Leads, Facebook Leads and Referrals.

Get Final Expense Leads in 3 Easy Steps

1: Create a Final Expense lead campaign. 

2: Setup the amount of leads you want per day. 

3: Choose your geographical area & start getting leads!

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